Thursday, January 15, 2009


So we haven't posted for a while, right? I've had some ideas of things to write about, but none of them actually deserved a whole posting. I'm just going to roll them all up into a summary posting of all of my musings on the changes we've experienced.

First off, my stress level is way lower here. I have physical proof. My blood pressure was always between 120-130 over 80-90. It has consistently been 100/60 or lower since moving here. The first time it was taken, the poison ivy incident- I thought it was a fluke. Not so, my midwife takes it monthly now and it was 98/50 something last Friday. Life is slower here! Maybe I'm just sensitive, and not predisposed to have high blood pressure - and it has nothing to do with the salt in my diet :) I also sleep better; there are only a few nights I have trouble falling asleep, something that has always plagued me...not anymore!

Traffic. We've mentioned this before- there is none! Well, none as far as our perception goes. A very bad day for Eric means it took 25 minutes to get home. That happened once, last night in the cold cold when ice was forming on the roads. When we were back on NoVA for the holiday we drove all over everywhere and couldn't stop gaping at the sheer size of the roads and the number of cars on them. Traffic on Waxpool in Ashburn NEVER stops. Even on a weekday in the middle of the afternoon there are at least as many cars on that road as there on 46 at rush hour here.

Next: it does get colder here, and I did once say that I didn't want to move anywhere colder than Fairfax County. However, because of how far south we are and how close to the western edge of the Eastern time zone we are located, the sun sets quite a bit later here. It does also rise later, but that has always been my preference (I am so not a morning person). So, even as the temperature has dropped, the days haven't gotten as short as they used to. I don't think the sun has set before 5:15 all winter. Mostly in the winter, you'll be starting your day in the dark, so maybe it starts a little later, but, at least to my perception, when the sun sets really determines how long the day is. So the days feel longer and sunnier. It's all a perception thing, but to me so long as it's not cold and dark I don't feel like I'm in a total winter deep freeze. If it's cold and sunny, the brightness and length of the day somehow compensates for the cold.

Groceries are cheaper, my mother even remarked on it when we were shopping at Walmart when she visited. Firewood is abundant and free if you have a chainsaw. Cities and towns have distinct borders. We have to have a subscription to get our local paper online because it is too small to have enough revenue to offer it free to everyone. Our football team goes to the playoffs. There are trailers next to regular homes. People move out of their parents' homes and into trailers on their parents' property (does that really count as moving out?). It's hilly and no one believes it until they have been here. It takes longer to mail letters to people because our hub is either Indy or Cincinnati. I have to dash across the street to get the mail.

All in all we're very happy with the change, though we hope people will come visit and see how nice it is :)