Monday, October 20, 2008

indiana limestone

We've had some visitors lately - my mom and dad and Vicki and Ron (on back-to-back weekends, no less!) Plus Tris' Aunt Mellon and Cousin Colleen. So we've been doing some touring and doing our best to share what we know of our new Indiana home (ooh, look - there's the stadium! And we have two Bed Bath and Beyonds!). One of the things I attempted to describe was the significance of Indiana Limestone - specifically how it relates to Ellettsville, whos Welcome sign proclaims that they are the "Builders of American History."

The only things I could say were what I've kind of gleaned from talking with folks at work and what I've read in the paper - there's lots of quarries around, lots of IU's buildings are built out of limestone, and I think they repaired the Pentagon with limestone from Ellettsville after 9/11. Turns out I was mostly (vaguely) right. Read what I read at Wikipedia to find out more - there's actually some interesting stuff in there.

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