Tuesday, October 21, 2008

halloween decorations

Not a lot of decorations, but three pumpkins, a spooky litte fence with little mini pumpkins, a goofy light up plastic pumpkin (thanks Tris' mom!), and a couple big inflatable pumpkins (one from a super after Halloween sale last year and one from craigslist a couple weeks ago). Oh, and a little 4 foot skeleton on the hickory tree (what, not another pumpkin?)

But the real point of this post is that it's lots of fun being on a busy road. Back at the townhouse we were tucked in our little corner and only the few folks on our little dead-end row of townhouses ever got to see our super-sweet Halloween set ups (like the castle photo below!).

But now, we get literally thousands of cars every day! Mark and I were actually getting the occassional honk or yell of approval as we were setting things up. It's great to know my "work" is appreciated! Haha!

Of course, moving in and taking care of some home improvements left us with a fairly minimalistic set up, I'm already scheming for next year. I'm hoping to have a couple of flying Axworthy ghosts, more pumpkins, a large graveyard set-up with a crank ghost in a mausoleum, and maybe even a gigantic spider attacking the house!

Of course, Halloween decorating is fun, but what really has me excited is Christmas! I've maybe doubled my count of lights since we moved (thanks to the healthy Indiana yard sale industry), so it should be a massive display worthy of those who travel down Union Valley Road.

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